Big Data Consulting & Implementation

Build robust Big Data architecture and manage your data on Cloud.Unlock business value and make intelligent business decisions quickly.

Big Data Management & Analytics

Legacy applications are inefficient to handle today’s data explosion. Enterprises are constantly on a hunt to analyze the competitive information. The data routed from sensors, smart grids, smart meters, RFID tags vary in formats and channels. The Conventional analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions prove to be extremely inadequate to handle this diversity in data.

Our team of Big Data Analytics experts examine such data systems to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and present real-time reports to support business decisions. Our Big Data Management and Analytics solutions empower enterprises to analyze high-speed information at real-time, to produce relevant predictive correlations & patterns.

Make data-driven decisions
with Advanced Analytics
on your Big Data

Microsoft Azure Platform is pre-loaded with cutting-edge Advanced Analytics Tools. Azure HDInsight, Data Lake Storage, Data Warehouse, and Power BI are few such Azure services, which offer advanced analytics, virtually unlimited computing power & storage space on-demand and pay-as-you-go. These services help in information management, reporting & business intelligence to quickly identify patterns & insights.

Our Big Data consulting team leverages cloud-enabled analytics tools like Azure HDInsight to deploy Big Data Solutions. Azure HDInsight makes Apache Hadoop, Kafka, and Spark available as a service on Azure cloud providing an enterprise-ready software framework designed to manage, analyze, and report on big data. Additionally the big-data solution can auto-scale as per data growth.

Put your Big data to work and enable predictive insights & informed decisions

Enterprises seeking accelerated business growth are in need to deploy strong analytical tools. Conventional analytics consume history data to showcase past inconsistencies. This reactive approach cannot predict future trends and cannot handle large data size either. The traditional BI and analytics need to be replaced with modern Big Data Analytics tools.

Our data scientists understand that today’s growth-hungry Enterprises need a highly proactive approach. This helps businesses to identify future trends through Predictive analytics from real-time data, using advanced tools & algorithms coupled with our Advanced Analytical Services.