If you are not specifically from the United States, chances are that you’ll have quite a challenging time opening a business in Thailand as a foreigner. Many have tried and many have failed. That’s sad, but true nonetheless. Newcomers are mostly hit hardest by this.

We get it, you are young and hungry for success, have planned your whole life for this new business endeavor in Thailand, but then you hit the wall of reality; you hear that as a foreigner, you can’t legally own your own business to a 100% in Thailand. 

“But, why are there so many foreigners owning businesses in Thailand?” you might ask yourself. The answer to this is very simple. While normally, it is true that foreigners can’t own a business in Thailand, there are of course exceptions and loop-holes, as there always are (luckily). 

At 444 Consultants in Phuket, we will help you set up and start your business and will guide you with all the necessary paperwork and legal matters along the way. We can help you push yourself even further and analyze the market for you.

Also, we will gladly assist you with increasing your performance efficiently with innovative and proven methods.

We will guide you through all steps required and consult you throughout the process. No matter what your business is dealing with, we can set you up with the required connections to ensure that you will have a fast and smooth start. 

Furthermore, we can help you plan your business strategies and long-term plans.

It doesn’t matter if you want to start your business on mainland Thailand or any of its islands, such as Phuket. We’re ready to assist you anywhere, anytime! 

Contact us today to learn more about how to start your own business and how to set up your strategy!