LPG, short for liquid petroleum gas, is one of the most used resources in the world. LPG is very economic and easy to use, which makes it an often used resource for cooking in many countries. It is also used in rural heating. As it reduces CO2 emissions, LPG is often used to mix with other gasses and oils. Predominantly in Europe and rural parts of many countries, LPG is something that is irreplaceable in the modern households of today.

LPG is also used as motor fuel, burning way cleaner while still providing the energy necessary. This is called auto-gas. Many governments impose lower taxes on cars due to the lower to almost non-existing environmental damage, so that’s often a seizable advantage. LPG is actually the third most motor-fuel in the world.

Recently, LPG is also being used as aerosol propellant.

Generally, LPG significantly reduces the damage to the ozone layer and has little to no emissions. It is also being used in refrigerators as a better alternative with fewer chlorofluorocarbons, while still providing good results.

Many oppose the idea of using LPG in cooling systems and call it dangerous.

This is not true, however. While it is true that LPG is flammable, accidents actually happens very rarely and thus only offers minimal chance of injury.

LPG is safe, green and best of all, readily available!

There are some varieties of LPG, mainly propane and butane, or mixes of both.

Specially, with climate change being the main topic on people’s agenda, it is important to prevent further damage to our environment and nature. This makes LPG such a good resource to invest in. As everything becomes greener nowadays, we like to switch to better alternatives. LPG offers everything other resources do, but it is way better for the environment – and is thus currently a very popular choice for investments.